5 Minute “Just Wanna Look Human” Look

I remember the days. The ones where I would take a shower (without an audience) and then take my good old time primping up after. You know, dry my hair, style it, put on make-up, paint my nails. Now, I am just lucky to shower. I love #momlife. I really do with every ounce of myself, but I get it, we lose ourselves in the blunder of it all.


So here’s the deal… I found a way to “get ready” and look less #mombie-like in less than 5 minutes with just a few products. Are you ready for it?



1. Senegence Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

My ride or die. It feels good on my skin and makes me feel good.

Why I love it… My skin has acne scars, redness, dark spots. It applies easily with my fingers and helps to diminish any areas that need color corrected while still looking super natural. Think BB Cream… evens out skin coloring but lightweight and natural while moisturizing. AND it has a mechanical shield that protects your skin from the sun while mommin’ it up.

$45 for a bottle. Snag some here.


2. Urban Decay Naked Shadow

There once was a day where I was horrified of the idea of filling in my brows. Yep. True story. The make-up artist at Sephora made them so bold and I looked at her in pure terror. I remember telling her I didn’t need whatever product it was that she used at the end when she tried to sell me on it. SO, ideally, this eyeshadow doesn’t stay all day. Why do you use it then, you ask? Well, the shade is my fave. It is a nice ashy color and I just apply it with an angled make-up brush.

$54 for the palette. I believe you can buy single colors too. Check it out here.


3. L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

I LOVE this mascara for days where I don’t want waterproof. Comparable to Urban Decay’s Better Than Sex, but a fraction of the cost. I only apply it to my top lashes when I don’t put on eyeliner. Just gives a more natural look.

$10 for a tube. You can snag it up at your local chain store like Target, Walmart, CVS. It is here too!


4. Senegence LipSense (First Love and Pink Glitter Gloss)

I never used to be a lipstick girl, but now I feel SO weird without it. I guess when I envisioned lipstick, I envisioned like bold…red. Now, I LOVE a good red shade, but I guess I never imagined that I could rock a neutral color with leggings and a top knot. Let me tell you… it is totally possible. This is one of my fave colors. First Love. A super gorgeous matte nude shade. Best part? Doesn’t smudge off on my coffee mug, my kids, my husband. It’s so good…because I don’t have time to keep track of where my lip color leaves it’s imprint…or reapply it.



5. Senegence BlushSense in Cherry

I like to give a little color to my face without contouring and highlighting with some blush! I LOVE BlushSense because it’s smooth and creamy texture apples as a cream and dries to a powder. It is water-resistant and smudge-proof too! BOOM! Lots of shades to choose from too. ANNNND it has an anti-aging complex in it so it helps with rebuilding you skin cells while wearing it and looking pretty. I call that a WIN!

$30. Learn about it here. Snag it here.



Those 5 products can completely give you a “I woke up like this” vibe without looks too glam. AND under 5 minutes. I call that a “MOM WIN”. What are your fave mom-approved beauty products? I’d love to hear!

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