5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Rock Any Mama’s World

LR_Lab_5276Hey you. Are you like me? You know…waiting til the last minute to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Guilty as charged here. Except for this year…

I decided to  actually “adult” this year and plan ahead. Shocking for me, honestly. I am more of a #wingingit kinda person that flies by the seat of my pants most days. What can I say? I work better under pressure. 

I struggle so bad with gift-giving. I have such good intentions, but usually get overwhelmed because I want to get something that is unique and that does not go well with procrastination.

I popped into World Market today to take something back. I am a culprit of buying and then taking back after I get home and realize I don’t need it. Anyways, I did not anticipate finding a portion of my mom’s and my mother-in-law’s gifts, but HOLLA…I did.

IDEA #1: Read Me When…Letters To Mom

I am absolutely smitten with these. These pre-written letters are fill-in-the-blank ready and so sweet. There are a total of 8 of them, with each envelope labeled with “Open this when…”, and are easily kept safe in the little gift box they are received in.




$15.99 at World Market. Check them out here.


IDEA #2: Pamper Her With Facial Masks

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? And as a mama, we know that we often slide under the radar with some much-needed self-care. I picked up this set of 7 facial masks that each target different things. Developed by dermatologists in Korea. Your mama will love having her face moisturized, brightened, nourished, anti-wrinkled, exfoliated, and more. I was tempted to get a set for myself… you know, to try it out first. 


$22.99 at World Market. Check it out here.


IDEA #3: A Photo Book

Social Media. An amazing place to share photos…but what happens to those photos after they are shared in cyber space? If you are like me, I take hundreds of photos…and print out…well, I can’t remember the last time I actually printed out photos. I often hear family say, “I need to get updated pictures of the boys.” Umm, HELLO! A photo book is a perfect gift that any mama or grand mama would love. I just snagged TWO hardcover books from Shutterfly for less than $65 shipped and it took me less than 20 minutes to create them.

Click here to snag a free one via a referral code they sent me after I ordered mine.

In a pinch for time? Go snag a cute frame, print out a cute picture, VOILA. Moms love pictures. At least I do.


IDEA #4: A Handmade Gift

On a budget or want to get crafty? I stumbled upon this super cute DIY project that only requires a few materials… a small white canvas, paint in a few colors (kid-safe), painter’s tape, and a black permanent marker. This is perfect piece for mama or grandma to hang up on the wall, lean against the wall on a fireplace ledge, or showcase on the kitchen counter while cooking.

Image found via http://www.craftymorning.com

Read the whole DIY article on how to make it here.


IDEA #5: A Comfy + Chic Graphic Tee

Shameless plug here. Whether you’re planning a gift for a mama or grandmama, a fun graphic tee is always a good idea. This is one of my personal faves for a grand mama..


$28 from Declan + Crew. Snag it here.

And one for all mamas…


$28 from Declan + Crew. Snag it here.


So there you have it. FIVE ideas that are sure to rock any mama’s world. I’d LOVE to hear what you all have in store! Tell me in the comments!

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